Athletic April! Monthly Fitness Challenge

Congratulations on signing up for Athletic April!

This is a team relay race with four events (as you can see on the map and no, you don’t have to be a runner!)

Each team must earn points by completing any workout and posting it on the daily workout thread (bookmark this). You can also access the thread by clicking on the big red button called ‘Daily workout thread’ on the home page.

Once you have the required points, your baton will be passed to the next team and they will complete the event.

When one team is active, the other team will continue to earn half points for their workouts.

April Map
We will hold a live broadcast on our Monster Fit Club Page to determine the starting team by toss.
Helpful Tips:

  • Prepare a regular workout schedule for the month and share with your team
  • Encourage the other team to earn their points faster
  • Appoint a team captain for each event
  • Have an accountability partner and remind each other to post every day
  • Set a health target every week and share your progress to keep motivated
  • Bring a friend!