Pokemon Go August Challenge Results!

Congratulations Teams Sapphire and Pikachu! You have survived the PokemonGo challenge! What a wonderful August it has been. You have worked hard, pulled extra weight, encouraged others and made new friends. The winner of August challenge – Capturing all 10 Pokemon- Please give it up for TEAM SAPPHIRE! Here is the leader board for August 2016. We seem to have …

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Aug Challenge Pokemon Go Bonus day!

Aug 31 – Here is your bonus day teams! No cap on earning 里. All activities be treated equally. 10 里 per 10 mins of any activity For example: 10 min walking = 10里 Let’s see how we fare.  Good luck! Here is the original challenge post: Pokemon Go August Challenge      

Missions 7-10!

Finally! Here they are folks. Mission 7 to 10 Mission 7 – Capture a Lickitung – 1800 里 Mission 8 – Capture a Magmar – 1800 里 Mission 9 – Capture an Articuno – 1800 里 Mission 10 – Capture a Mew – 1500 里  

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Mission 4 Accomplished – Aug 2016 Pokemon Go challenge

Monster Teams Sapphire and Pikachu have successfully completed Mission 4– A Psyduck is in their possession! Mission 5 will be announced shortly! Congratulations all – Keep pushing. Remember, we had a slow start. There are 5 more Pokemon to be caught…. FIVE! Click here for the original Challenge post

Mission 4 Announcement

Alright Teams. Here’s Mission 4 of the August Pokemon Go Challenge! Capture Psyduck – 1800 里 Whaaaaat! – It is tough, but you can do this! Half way into the month, we are warmed up enough to kick it up a notch 🙂   Let’s do this! Here is the table again, reminding you how to earn 里. Don’t forget to post …

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Mission 3 Accomplished!

Monster Teams Sapphire and Pikachu have successfully completed Mission 3 – Landing a Clefable! Team Sapphire leading the charge again Congratulations! Mission 4 will be announced shortly!      

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Congratulations Team Pikachu and Team Sapphire!   You now have two Pokemon in your possesion. You recently captured a Pidgeot. The next mission will be published soon. Make sure you post every single day in the August daily workout thread. The Fit Monster will not be able to comb the entire webpage and every singe post for workout comments. We now …

POKEMON GO – MISSION 3 Announcement!

Teams Sapphire and Pikachu have leaped ahead to capture their Pidgeot!   Now the battle is on to own a Clefable! It is yours if you can earn 1600 里  by 11:59 pm Aug 15th.        

Pokemon Go Mission 2

Good Job on capturing the Bulbasaur… Now the heat is really on! You have until midnight Aug 11 to capture your  second Pokemon – a Pidgeot! You need 1500 里 for this. It’s not going to be easy, but, with team work it is possible. Team Sapphire and Team Pikachu – Up your game!