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05th of Sept, 2018:

A Voice: Are you okay? Can you Hear me?  Are you hurt? Can you move?

You: (trying to figure out what happened) What is going on? What happened?

You feel like you have hit your head against something hard. You are finding it hard to breathe. You open your eyes, there is smoke everywhere. Then you remember. 

You: We were on an AIRPLANE! DID WE CRASH???

Voice: WE HAVE TO MOVE NOW! We just crash landed in the middle of the amazon!

You get up, help the lady next to you and then, only then realize what just happened. Oh my God! What are we going to do now!


You run as fast as you can, grabbing a sack as you find your way out of the airplane. You see a few people running further ahead. You run as fast as you can. You can no longer feel the heat of the burning airplane. You and the others gather in a small area between the trees.

You: Is everyone okay?

Companion: Luckily, no one is hurt and everyone survived the crash!

You: But.. what now?

Captain: Now we must survive the amazon! I hope you have what it takes!


Here's How it Works:

  • You have to post your daily workouts everyday to gain wood | water | food points. These points will help you and your team move forward into the forest.
  • To post your work outs, scroll down to the calendar below, click on the date and leave a comment.
  • The Comments could be in the following format: October 4th - 30 Minutes of running, 40 minutes of cross fit, 3L of water and a protein rich meal completed.
  • The Workout threads will be closed every week and you will not be able to post your workouts once the thread is closed for a said date. So, be sure to post everyday!
  • There are 3 types of points you can score: WOOD |  WATER  |  FOOD.
  • You will have to spend 5 Food Points & 5 Water Points everyday in order to survive the amazon (continue the challenge).
  • You can win Food and Water points by drinking adequate amount of water & eating a protein rich food. But beware of binge eating as you lose points for that!
  • You can trade in your wood for food & water.
  • You will be able to survive only for 2 days without any of these resources. After which, you will be removed from the challenge.
  • You can only earn a maximum of 4 woods per activity (except for trek)
  • Food & Water are on daily basis you do not get additional food or water for the number of meals / amount of water you consume.
  • You are not allowed to donate your food / water / wood to another person.

Ground Rules:

  • As in any public space, we request you to kindly refrain from making personal comments based on religion, politics, sex, body types etc. We celebrate diversity , all levels of fitness and different fitness goals. What may work for me, may not work for others. Please suggest, discuss and debate – Civilly of-course. We are all friends and absolutely do not judge.
  • Please feel free to ask and answer questions, exchange information. Anything other than fad diets are welcome 🙂
  • Have lots of fun! Remember the goal is to reach first but the objective is to play well.
  • Be kind to yourself.

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