Name: Jenny Gonzales, 38
Marital Status: Married
Children: None
Occupation: Nurse
Jenny: I came by around 10 o’clock last night. No one answered, but lights were on inside…and…(hesitates)
You: Why did you come by Mrs.Gonzales?
Jenny: To return a dish. I rang the door bell, then tried to call them but couldn’t get a signal.
You: Did you call the police then?
Jenny: Not right away. I went to bed. When I came by in the morning, the dish was still there. So I rang the cops.
You: From your house?
Jenny: No, on my cell phone. I was right there (pointing in the direction of The Smith family’s front door
You: Thank you Mrs.Gonzales. (nod to officer at the scene to escort Mrs.Gonzales away)
Team Meeting Discussion:
You: Guys, looks like they’ve used a cell phone jammer. The porch light’s broken, and the alarm is disconnected.
Teammate 1: I went through all the victim’s phone and bank records. I’ve contacted local and state police departments – None of the victims seem to have gang relations. This just does not look like a gang hit. I don’t see it. This is no execution. It’s like they had something personal against the parents.
Teammate 2:They? I agree there are two distinct methods of operation here.These criminals must be – Career Criminals. Neighborly. Presentable. They share very tight bond.
 Teammate 3:But very different styles. One brutalises parents – sadistic, remorseless, volatile. Another injects – perceives him/herself almost as angel of death, withdrawn, sensitive, warped sense of mercy. Do you think one of them could be a woman?
Teammate 4:Women generally poison. I agree, but the act of making children watch the parents brutally beaten to death… allowing that to happen – I don’t know..
DETECTIVES! There’s been another one
You: WHAT?
Officer at the scene (panting): There’s … There’s another family… They say there’s a survivor.
Sirens Blazing, you and a few members of your team reach the hospital. A few members have gone to the crime scene promising to send you photos and bring you upto speed
At the hospital
Doctor: Her name’s Emily Parkhurst, she’s 16 and was found  drugged and wandering around the road by a neighbor. She is in shock.
You: Was she poisoned?
Doctor: The needle missed the vein
You: Can we talk to her?
You: Emily can you hear me?
Emily: I don’t… its… don’t make me remember… don’t make me…
You: Emily, please. We need to stop them from hurting more people. You must be brave…
You need to take Emily’s statement. This will be crucial in cracking the case. Crime scene photos are coming in and they are horrific. Beautiful home, blood splattered walls. Emily’s little brother looks like he is asleep on the chair in front of his parents, the couple barely recognizable.
You are running out of time. Here’s what you have to do :
1. You must earn 96 points
2. One member must post about ‘The benefits of strength training’ in The Monster Fit Club Group. If it is an original article, it will be published in Monster Fit Club Blog. Hashtags must be used #monstercsi #monsterfitclub #monsterchallenges #marchchallenge #strengthtraining #fitfam #pumpingiron
3. Earn atleast 5 points for strength workouts (Weight Training)