Great work on giving your survivor strength to talk about her ordeal. Here is her statement:


In the evening, just past 7, I think. Two guys turned up. They had a dead dog and sked if it was ours and wanted to use our phone. My dad tried his cell and it was dead so he let one of them in to use the land phone. The other asked for a bag to put the dead dog in and I went in to get it. I heard noises and … and… they hit my dad and tied him up. My mom too… we, my brother and I ran… Oh God… the heavy one, he came after us. They made us watch…(breaks down) He told us not to scream. He kept saying ‘Lucy, you’ll make my brother mad’. He … he… gave me an injection and (sobs).

Finish the interview and get back to your team.

Team Meeting Skype:

You: Survivor says there were two men. One was lean and the other heavier. The heavy one kept referring to the other guy as his brother. The brother was the aggressive one, while the heavy one didn’t make eye contact. But they did not look related at all.

Team Member 1: They may be adopted, don’t you think? The tight bond, obsessed with ‘families’. Maybe bad childhood?

Team Member 2: If their method of operation has not changed… what made him miss her vein? Why leave a survivor now?

Team Member 3: They take jewelry and money right? But look at this crime scene photo that I’ve sent you. There is a photo frame missing from the wall. The marks on the wall show that there must’ve been one there. What changed, what did he see in her?

Team Member 4: Let’s not forget the dead animal. If this is the ruse… where do they get the animal from? Maybe one works in animal rescue that will explain the barbital used.

Team Member 5: Do you think we could draw one of them out by using the survivor as bait?

You: I don’t know if that’s a good idea… Wait! There’s some commotion here. She’s gone into a fit. I’ll call you back!

In Emily’s Room: Doctors and nurses mill around her bed and ask you to get out. On your way out you notice an arrangement of flowers on her bedside that look familiar. You call your team

 You: There’s a flower arrangement here that looks exactly like the one in the photograph you sent to me of the Parkhurst Crime Scene. I need someone to track this delivery asap.

 Team Member 1: We will get right on it. By the way, autopsy reports from previous victims have come in. One child has bruises that were older than the date of murder. We dug into the medical history of that child.

Team Member 2: The child was at the hospital often following beatings. This and the fact that one of the criminals brutalising the parents seem to suggest that he could have been raised in an abusive home too. Getting revenge… now they apply that to all families.

Team member 3: I’m analyzing adoption records but with no leads to go by… except for adopted children working currently in animal rescue…

Team member 4: In homes with multiple adopted children…

Team member 5: Cross check that with criminal history. If they have ever been convicted. Petty theft, burglary… Atleast one of the brothers I mean. working with business that have access to small animals and said drug

Team member 3: Narrowed down by the general area of crimes… brilliant


Ok team looks like you have a lot of documenting to do. To receive the results of all this and get one step closer to the crime…  here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. You must earn 96 points.
  1. Each team member must post their food diary (photos of healthy food that you eat) one day atleast. For example Member 1 will post on Monday, (Breakfast, lunch and dinner), Member 2 will post on Tuesday and so forth. This will require communication and documentation.Hashtags #monstercsi #marchchallenge #monsterchallenges #teamhitchcock #teamsecret7 #eathealthy #cleaneating #fitfood #foodtastic #donotstarve #eattoloseweight

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