Excellent! The Floral Delivery Backtrack Result is in. It has been aid for with a credit card traced to Benjamin Parkhurst.

 Your team is immediately  dispatched to the Parkhurst residence.

The team discovers another brutalised family.

Team member 1: Guys! The same Credit Card has just been used at gas station . I have asked for security camera footage.

Team member 2: Our cyber division is trying to retrieve information about convicted felons with adoption history. We had asked them narrow it down to felons who are currently out, working with business that have access to small animals and said drug in that area. We have nine matches. I have sent it to Team member 3 to cross check with Lucy. Let me make the call

On Call : Team member 3 (at hospital): Positive ID guys…There is one match. Name: Peter Millison , 32, F 172, Brown Street.  He works at the Local Animal Shelter. I’ve dispatched police to the apt. Can some of you check the shelter. It’s a 5 min ride from where you are.


At animal shelter

Supervisor: Well, he is kind of a loner, our Peter. He is off till Monday. I’ll leave him a message to report to work for an emergency. We don’t know him very well. But a man came in yesterday and got into a heated argument with Peter.

On Call: Team Member 4: I got a description of the second man from the Sup. It matches Lucy’s statement. What’s news over there?

You: We’ve  located the adopted family. Team member 5 will join us on the call in a minute

 On Call: Team Member 5: Mom says Peter was disturbed. He was close to another kid named George.George was his role model and protected him. They left when they were 18. But she has two more younger children here and they are at school. I noticed that she wore a key around her neck. The refrigerator door was pad locked. That is STRANGE.

Flash News: Police arrest Peter. He is refusing to talk.You decide to bring in the survivor as he was kind to her.

 You need to encourage Lucy to get Peter to talk. There is no other go.

  1. Earn 320 points
  2. Post motivational messages about healthy lifestyle on the Monster Fit Club group with these hashtags #youcandoit #healthylifestyle #fitspiration #healthy #monsterfitclub #monsterchallenges

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