At HQ: You bring Lucy in to talk to Peter

Peter rants: “You look so much like my sister Lucy, I wanted you to be free”

Lucy loses it: “Free? Free by killing my family? What happened to you that was so bad?”

Peter: “She used to make it go dark and hold me underwater. I used to stay awake for a minute or even more until it went dark”.

Lucy: “Whoever she is, She can’t hurt you anymore”

Peter: “I wanted to stop but George suffered way way worse. And he didn’t get a chance to fight back”.

 You: “So you fought the other families”

Peter: “Only because I didn’t want to go back”…

You (realising) : “Go back? Go back to fight your adopted family? That’s where George…”

You call the team that’s at George and Peter’s parents’ house: Keep the mom to in the house and send some of the team to pick up the kids from school. I’m on my way.


Team Member 3: Children not at school. They were picked up by a man resembling George. Beat cops have spotted them at an ice cream parlor and I’m camped outside it. He’s sent a note via a staff  ‘If you come in, I will kill him’. He is holding the kids hostage.

 Team Member 4: We have sharpshooters lined up and force all around. Team Member 5 is trying to talk to George to release the kid. I will keep you posted.

You: OK we will remain at the parent’s house. Trying to book them for endangering children. Waiting for a possible arrest warrant.


1. All bets are off. Points don’t matter anymore. This is about saving lives. Lets see if your team can achieve the following list of exercises between now and the 30th.

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Weight Training

2. Post after workout selfies

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