Meet Eliza :)

Hello! I’m Eliza; an ESL teacher from the United States. I was born in Alaska and raised in Georgia. I have worked in South Korea, Texas, NYC, and now the UAE. I love traveling; I have been to 6 new countries in the last year. I also love cats; I have two rescues back home and a foster one living with me here. Lastly, I study languages for fun; I have dabbled in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, French, and now Arabic.

I was a fat kid that grew up into a fat adult. I had a brief stint at being a fit skinny person, but I quickly learned that health is not just physical, and a lot of things affected my lifestyle, causing me to gain weight. But now that I’m settled and have a more holistic approach, I’m encountering a slow and steady success.

Q: How would your best friend describe you?

Being consistent is better than being perfect!

Being consistent is better than being perfect!

I’m stubborn, hardworking, honest, and a little goofy. I’m very open minded and a natural people person. I can be the life of the party, or at least the one hosting it.

Q: What are your favorite wellness activities?

I love group exercise! I have a competitive streak and I love classes that challenge me physically as well as mentally. Things like Zumba, dance, steps, or circuit training. I also love roller skating; I played roller derby a couple years

Q: If there is one healthy meal you had to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sashimi! I love seafood; it is so nutritionally dense and fresh.

Q: What was your latest workout like?

Yesterday I had a treadmill session and step aerobics class. I am trying to do yoga more in the evenings to help calm me down for sleep.

Q: What is your philosophy towards wellness?

When I was younger I thought that getting thin would make everything better. Then I got thin and I had a terrible relapse with my emotional issues. Since then, I’ve developed the philosophy of introspection and holistic goals.  Forcing myself to be perfect is not conducive to my overall happiness and well being.


Being consistent is better than being perfect.