Factory Worker Challenge May 2017

Welcome to Monster Automobile Works LLC

This is your first day of employment with us. You have to go through the orientation program and learn all the tricks of the trade to successfully pass probation.

You will be working in the car assembly line for 26 days (5th May to 31st May)

Rules of factory:

Time and Attendance:

  • You must post the duration and nature of your workout on our forums (go to homepage and click on daily workout thread, bookmark it for easy access). This will be considered as attendance to the factory!
  • You work 5 days a week =18 days this month
  • More than 5 days of uninformed absence (no post, not sick) = Termination
  • No Show (workout less than 5 days a week, no info) = pay cut


  • 1 minute workout = 1$ earned
  • No show days = minus 20 $ from monthly earning
  • Work more than 18 days = Overtime rate from 19th day onwards 1 min = 2$
  • Incentive = will be awarded for additional projects that will be announced

Job Description:

You will work in 5 sections of an assembly line to manufacture cars. You will be able to manufacture 2 cars in 18 days.

1 Day – Manufacture Car Body
2 Days – Painting completed
2 Days – Parts assembly finished
2 Days – Interiors Completed
1 Day – AC / Electrical Work
1 Day – QC and passing

Please find below a sample roster sheet that you can download as an image and print to make your plan.

You can also write your monthly goal in the last box.

This will be a great addition to your mirror as it will boost your resolve to go out there and be the best version of yourself every day!

Please let us know if you’d like us to send you the May Calendar as an Excel Sheet.