July 2016 – Are you ready for a mission?

The Monster Fit Club July Challenge is going to test what you are made of.

This month you are in control of your destiny.

So, what are you playing for…

This July you will take up a mission for one of six famous characters. Each character is assigned a mission with a number of points to be achieved. Collect those points and you complete the mission.

You will collect points by watching your nutrition and working out according to the points table.

Points Table

You have the liberty to pick your character and mission depending on how July looks like for you.

Okay, Okay! Tell us what the missions are I hear you ask.

Welcome to The Game of Thrones Challenge.

Pick a mission and go after it this month (July 5 to July 30). Challenge can be found here


Here’s how the game is played:

  1. An event will be opened at Monster Fit Club Facebook Page. Please respond with ‘Going’.
  2. Each day a new thread inside the event will be opened. You must update daily workout as a comment on that thread only.
  3. It looks like thisPosting Workouts

    Inside Daily Thread

    What happens if we forget to post workouts? Go to the current day’s thread and post there. Older posts won’t be checked. It is too difficult and time consuming. So stay with us wherever we currently are.

Join us now! Challenge starts on July 5.