Meet Jaya Shakila

I am a retired teacher….was teaching for a few years in schools, then in a teacher training college.

I came in contact with iskcon….international society for Krishna consciousness…or Hare Krishna’s 20 yrs ago.

I like preaching Bhagvad Gita and Bhaga –Vadam.

Aunty 3

Family is very important in our healthy life style

I am nearing my 60th birthday, just a few more months to go.

I have two sons. One is a Colonel in army, second is Shreyash who is part of Monster Fit Club. Both sons are married. My second daughter in law Sumana is also in Monster Fit Club. She introduced me to this group.

I have been influenced by the book ‘lose your weight not your mind’ – Rujuta Dwidekar. But I was losing hope of losing weight. My weight oscillates between 68-72kg. That’s when  Sumana showed me pictures of Archu and Jose. This made be confident that I would lose weight. The Monster Treasure Hunt made me persevere. I enjoyed Monster Treasure Hunt and looking forward to Monster vs Zombies

Q: What is your philosophy for healthy living?

Healthy living means eating healthily and exercising properly. Everything in moderation. Don’t listen to all you hear. Someone told me to drink water before food to reduce intake but it only leads to indigestion and arthritis, so don’t listen to everybody.

Q: What are your favourite healthy activities?

Yoga, walking and sometimes badminton. Due to knee problem l can do very less.

My advice to all youngsters would be: Lead healthy life style when you are  young…old age complications will not let you do exercises.

Unhealthy life styles are resulting in diseases and death among youth. I’ve heard of heart attack cases at 22! It is shocking.

Q: As a woman with a big list of tasks and people demanding your attention, why is focusing on our own health a priority?

It’s really- true health is wealth. If you are ill, you cannot carry out your duties. You become dependent on others. So taking care of your own health is very important.

Q: What is the best compliment that you have received?

Best compliment I don’t remember… But I feel happy if people tell me I lost weight 🙂

Q:  What is the role of one’s family in our personal healthy lifestyle?

Family is very important in our healthy life style…..I’m in this group because of my daughter in law Sumana.  Also, my husband accompanies me on walks.