Meet Shreyash

Hi, I am Shreyash, I am 36 years old Chartered Accountant by profession. I love working out because it keeps me happy. I started my workouts very late in life. Somewhere around 27 years of age but now its like hashish for me. I’m addicted.

Exercise is a culture change and not just an event

Exercise is a culture change and not just an event

Q: What is your favorite healthy meal?

I love cornflakes with milk and honey with a sprinkle of thinly chopped almonds

 Q: Who is your role model when it’s comes to healthy living?

I do not have a celebrity role model because I believe that they are professionals who are simply doing what they should be doing. Nothing special about it. What really inspires me is ordinary people performing extra ordinary feats. You and Jose for example, are truly inspirational. Among these ordinary people the one person who really stands out for me is my friends husband, Samuel Chettiar, A cancer survivor and now a marathon runner all over the world. (Google his name, you will know what I mean)

Q: What would you feel when people say “I’m already healthy, I don’t need to exercise”?

I feel exercise is a culture change and not just an event. It’s a drive which should come naturally from within and cannot be imposed. So if someone doesn’t feel a need to exercise, you can’t do anything about it.

Q: What are the workouts that you enjoy as a couple?

We never train together, whilst she sweats it out, I don the role of a coach, pointing out faults and correcting her posture etc. The best part is I get to bully her so that she pushes her limits. (the only time that I’m allowed to be dominant) 😜

Q: Have you overcome any setbacks / injuries? If yes, please tell us about it?

I have never been healthy / Athletic for a major part of my life. Asthma and Gastrointestinal health issues were always been with me to the point that I had started to believe that I’m not made/designed for sports/fitness. Till the time I heard the story of the honey bee and how it is not designed to fly and how researchers spent almost 70 years to understand as to how the teeny weeny creature defied the laws of physics and gravity. They concluded that it is simply because of it’s strong determination and the will to survive, it can achieve this near impossible feat. This story really inspired me to question my beliefs and my abilities.