Meet Suhani

I run a Bed & Breakfast and serviced apartments in a suburb of Delhi called Greater Noida. 2 years ago I got the opportunity to go for a trek to Everest Base Camp. 45 days before the trek I started training everyday and that is how I started my fitness journey. I’ve always loved adventure sports, I skydived for my 21st Birthday. I’m a PADI certified open water diver, I’ve hiked in Bhutan, Nepal and Ladakh. I ran 3 half marathons last year and hope to graduate to the full in Jan 2017. I’m also a practicing meditator with Isha Foundation.

Q: What are your favorite activities to keep fit?

Suhani 1

Swim in the ocean, hike in the mountains, run because you can!

Running, cycling, swimming, yoga, kalaripayattu, plyometrics and inspired by Rohit cannot wait to try crossfit!

Q: If you had to trek through a treacherous route and were allowed only 5 items, what would you carry?

Treacherous route then I wouldn’t need 5, just 2 would be enough. Water and Tenzin! (Tenzin is an amazing guide whom we met on the Frozen River Trek , Chadar Trek, at Ladakh, India). He was just plain heroic.

Q: Tell us about the most intense physical activity you have ever done(exercise wise).

June last year my sister and I decided to do 2100 suryanamaskars in 21 days. We did them in 17 days, there were two days when we did 300 each and June is a verrrry hot month! But the most gruelling intensity that I have ever experienced physically was during the oxfam trailwalk in Dec 2014, teams of 4 have to walk 100 km in 48 hours. We did it in under 34 hours, at the finish line there was a lot of crying!
Q:  Should every person get a gym membership to be fit?
Absolutely NOT! The biggest joy for me is to connect with nature while physically challenging myself. Running in parks or on trails instead of a treadmill is so much more liberating, you develop a keener instinct about yourself out in the open. Cycling, swimming, yoga, there is so much you can do outdoors that is so exciting! The only time I go to the gym is while training for a trek to do the full incline walk on the treadmill that assists in steep climbs.
Q: What is your philosophy towards wellness?
Swim in the ocean, hike in the mountains, run because you can and always stay hydrated!