Meet Sam :)

Pic3Heylo everyone! I am Sumana. My degree certificate says I am an Engineer 😐 .

I have worked 9 years in MNC’s as a business analyst but one fine day in 2013, I went for a trip to Ladakh and everything changed. I instantly fell in love with the Mountains and eventually left my job and took up climbing seriously. From that time on, climbing mountains, traveling to places, running marathons, doing wall art and writing about travels is what I do.

I didn’t know anything about climbing mountains back in 2013, so I enrolled myself to a basic mountaineering course with NIM(Nehru Institute of Mountaineering). For training myself for this course and to be able to climb mountains, I started working out for the first time in life with the help of Shreyash, who is my trainer cum husband ;-). I like working out but during those non-climbing months I tend to become lazy and skip doing it regularly. That’s when Monsterfitclub helped, I don’t succumb to laziness easily anymore and work out more regularly. J

Q:What is it about trekking that fascinates you?

Mountains! If it wasn’t for the love and craziness I feel for the mountains, trekking would have been an impossible task for me. For starters, I walk very slow, I have really hard time breathing beyond 11000 feet, and once I am at that height sleeping becomes a task (I cannot sleep lying down flat as I can’t breathe at all in that position, so I have to raise myself using my backpack as a pillow and this isn’t a very comfortable position to sleep), and lastly I am scared of heights. Every single time I am back on the mountains, I feel I am not made for trekking -especially Himalayas. But every single time when the trek is over and realize that I have overcome my fears and my physical drawbacks yet again, I feel a great sense of achievement, satisfaction, happiness and many other positive feelings that is difficult to put down in words. I become stronger mentally and my craving to be in mountains manifolds. Mountain is the reason I trek, Mountain is the reason I gain courage and Mountain is undoubtedly the reason I workout and love monster club so much for that. 😀

Q:How does a happy life relate to an active life?

I started running as a part of training myself for basic course in mountaineering that was the first time I started running after a long time. I loved running from day 1, but what I loved even more was how I felt after every day’s run – I used to feel all energized, happy and positive all day long. This was the first time I noticed that there is some relation between activity and happiness. But quite didn’t understand it and thought it to be weird as I never felt this way after my day long office working hoursK. Pic2So I started googling the reason and came to know that when we do any sort of physical activity, there is a chemical released in our brain called endorphins which reduces stress and also results in happiness. I cannot vouch on the scientific reason but my experience was enough proof for the same. From thereon, when I felt a bit down or depressed or negative, I go for a run, it doesn’t solve my problem but calms me down, brings in positivity and life doesn’t seem all that bad. J

Q:What is your philosophy towards wellness?

Wellness, according to me is a whole package. It has everything to do with what you think, do and act – So do what you love the most, develop a passion and work towards it, think positive, spare some time each day for some sort of activity/exercise, do things that makes you feel more content, there are too many things to do in the world, so keep exploring. Bottom-line, just don’t stop living!

Q:What is your favorite trekking expedition till date?

Though I love each and every trek I have done till date for the challenge and the beauty at each place was different, but Chadar is the one trek that stands out – For its uniqueness as the only frozen river trek in India(maybe the world), its immense beauty and for the group I trekked with – The Kitaos (our group name). They are the best trekking buddies ever!! (I met Archu and Jose in Chadar J).

Q:What are some of the snacks you would carry on an arduous trek?

Lots of Dry fruits, some chocolates and if possible some fruits.