Meet Vakula

Hii I am Vakula.. I am a homemaker and I have a 20year old son. I entered the fitness scenario only six months back but it seems am hooked for life. I also love to paint, sing, read, laze around, watch TV…all the normal stuff. I am a devotee of Lord Krsna so a lot of my time goes in balancing normal life and serving Him.

Q: What are your favorite wellness activities?

I am not giving up

I am not giving up!

Wellness activities.. Hmm.. I am enjoying the focus I have on my health right now. Right now my focus is on running and strengthening as I had major issues with my back and legs. I also enjoy cooking healthy meals.

Q: How do people react to your lifestyle?

People I tell you.. The bane of my life.. When I heavy they would say you need to lose.. Now I am losing.. They are like.. You have become too skinny, why do you need to run at your age, we are not used to seeing you so thin… Doesn’t suit you… One comment was I have lost hair. Hehe.. I had it cut recently

Q: How do you motivate yourself?

The more people give me these kinds of reactions the more I am determined to lose the rest of my weight. I am still not anywhere near my ideal weight and I am not giving up. Just lost my first 10kgd.. Feels awesome

Q: What is your typical breakfast like?

My breakfast is usually fruits. I follow a naturopathy lifestyle so I generally start my day with fruits.. Right now it’s fruit juice and sprouts. But my favourite is the typical South Indian spread.

Q: Tell us about the most intense physical activity you have ever done.

My most intense has been my 10k runs I run every week.. I still have a little stiffness in one knee.. Of course my instructor who is also a Varma expert is still treating me along with lots of strengthening