Monster CSI

Welcome gumshoe detectives!


It’s an auspicious month here at Monster CSI. Here we are with new recruits just as we have gotten word of a grisly murder.


As new detectives, I’m sure you’re eager to make your name in the investigation department. Are you willing to take the case?


Working in teams, you collect points to uncover clues and follow suspects until you figure out the dastardly criminals and their terrible motives. Watch your back and steel your nerves.


Each team will need 20 points to reach the crime scene. 10 mins of any activity = 1 point. Each activity must be minimum 20 minutes to be counted. Let’s get moving!






  1. The duration of your workouts must be posted on the daily workout thread.


  1. Go to http://monsterfitclub.comClick on Daily Workout Thread (big red button towards the bottom of the page)


Select Date and enter the details of your workout (e.g.: 20 min cycling, 30 min yoga etc.). You must have a username and password to update daily workout thread. Click on ‘Join our community’ button (homepage) to complete registration.