Monster teams reach Derinkuyu, Turkey

Quick update on Monsters Vs Zombies, the mad dash in May!

Monsters took off from Pripyat, Ukraine and earned miles by working out to reach the first safe zone – Derinkuyu, Turkey. There are three teams Team Spear, Scrambled Legs and The Salukis. Two teams have made it and the third team is expected to reach today.

The excitement of starting the second leg of the journey was cut shot however… Here’s what happened:

Great! You have now reached Derinkuyu. BAM! The massive round stone has been rolled sealing the way you came in. How do you plan on rolling a 500 kg stone door out of your way?

It’s now time for a quick mini challenge. Once your group completes the mini-challenge you will be allowed to move on. Until then all your workout points are paused –nil- don’t count. Sorry! That’s what happens in Zombie Land.

Mini – Challenge : Group must learn and perform Suryanamaskars. 100 total from group. You may divide it however you wish. Unless you have debilitating injuries, you will perform at least one. And the group will total up to 100. Until then, your workouts points will not matter.

Once you achieve 100 Suryanamaskars, your workout points will start counting again and you will receive next set of directions.

Pic: theopenmind(dot)com

Pic: theopenmind(dot)com

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Standing as of 07.30 am (GMT+ 04.00 hrs)  May 4, 2016:

Mini Challenge Update