Monster Treasure Hunt Draws to a Close

The month of April saw 14 monsters on an island scrambling to reach a treasure that was 80 leagues away. The motley crew gained these leagues by working out and earning points for each workout.

While the goal was to reach the treasure, the object was to keep workouts fun, diverse, engaging and inclusive (something for everyone). Each one of us contributed to this first major Monster Fit Club Challenge and that is success in itself.

Here is the points table.

Monster Treasure Hunt Final Tally

Just for records, we had promised a little something for the monster who reached first and that was Scarlet Swashbucker aka Eliza.

So there was a small Monster Meetup today!

Found a Monster Mug!

Found a Monster Mug!

Gearing up for May challenge - Monsters vs Zombies

Gearing up for May challenge – Monsters vs Zombies