Monsters vs Zombies – Where will you be in May 2016?

In Breaking News, Monster authorities officially confirm the outbreak of a new virus. Monsters are reporting severe headache,

Click picture to join challenge

Click picture to join challenge

high tempratures, delirium and cannibalism. This virus is highly contagious and has infected millions of our monsters within a span of few hours. All monsters who have not been infected must report here – the Quarantined Area.

You will be decontaminated and sent to a Survivor Camp to wait out the Apocalypse. To reach the Survivor Camp is not easy. You will travel in groups and stop at various safe zones before you reach. Groups set out on May 1st -the Survivor Camp will be sealed on May 30.

Report to this Quarantine Area before 11.59pm on April 29th to receive the route map, group assignment and instructions. It’s Monsters vs Zombies in a desperate race for survival.

Report to the Quarantine Area today as travelling in a group is your only hope for survival.

Monsters vs Zombies History Live Update: May Challenge

April 26 Challenge Invite:

April 30 Challenge Start:

May 4 Safe Zone 1 and First Mini Challenge:

May 5 Safe Zone 2:

May 11 Safe Zone 3:

May 12 Sudden Mini Challenge:

May 14 Safe Zone 4:

May 17 Mini Challenge:

May 18 Final Stretch to Survivor Containment Area: