On losing weight and finding life (Part 1)

Welcome to Monster Fit Club…

Jose and I started Monster Fit Club as a forum to build, transition and sustain healthy lifestyle among all members.

In 2014, we jointly weighed 227 kg. I contributed 120 and Jose brought in 107 kg. We weighed much more before, but we have no record as I would not even poke the scale with a long stick.

If you had told me then, that we would lose 85 kg together (57+28), I would’ve sat on you. It has been an incredibly fun and educative journey. We’ve had delicious food, LOTS of food, fun, learning, unlearning; met some fantastic, inspirational people, lost a few; faced odds we never thought we would, surprised ourselves… We’ve seen how incredibly generous people can be when you transform.03


Having gained so much from the world, it is only fair to pay it forward. Monster Fit Club is our initiative to do 02 01so.



At our Monster Fit Club forums, we initiate monthly fitness and nutrition challenges. These are mostly themed to bring an element of fun. We have people of all age groups and fitness levels participate in them.

Jose and I have also started writing our story in parts. The link to Part 2 is given below.

Please check out our challenges and join our community to be in the next monthly challenge.


Remember – Be the best version of yourself. You matter 🙂



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