Quick Tuna Salad

Need a super fast lunch fix that is just right? Do you feel that the powers to  be have not endowed you with the creativity and versatility to be a chef? Welcome to the club! Your worries end here.A simple Tuna salad is fast, easy and can be put together in many many ways. Here’s one we had for lunch today

Why is all my Tuna hiding at the bottom !

Why is all my Tuna hiding at the bottom !

Filling freshness at work!

Filling freshness at work!


  1. Salad Leaves (any lettuce, spinach, rocket leaves will work. We found some wonderfully fresh rocket leaves last night) 25 g
  2. Sweet Corn Kernels (I used canned corn to save time) 75 g
  3. Chili peppers – 25 g
  4. Cucumber – 60 g
  5. Cherry Tomatoes Halved – 3 to 5 nos
  6. Light Meat Tuna in water – 1 can (130 g drained)
  7. Salt and Pepper as required

Suggested Dressing:

Since this is a ‘quick’ recipe for when I don’t have time, the dressings are as simple can be.

Jalapeno Sauce (I tried a variation with celery salt and it was widely unpopular. Will make successful variation and post recipe)


Balsamic Vinegar


Lime juice / salt and pepper


Tabasco Sauce


  • Wash all vegetables, chop all cucumber and peppers
  • Add ingredients 1-6 and toss with dressing (If you are packing a lunch box, just carry the tuna can with you and toss it in at work)


  1. Add in any other vegetable you think will go well with the salad, adjust the quantity according to your needs and hunger quotient.
  2. Remember that the calorie values are generated by myfitnesspal and I strongly to urge you to use the app if you are changing the quantity.
  3. My dressing was not welcome by two of my trusted taste testers. Both are alive. I advice you to side step that and land safe with the suggested dressings.
Recipe Calculated with myfitnesspal

Recipe Calculated with myfitnesspal