The Nintendo Dash – Classic World Dash

Flash News: Our monster has once again been captured and is held prisoner at The Nintendo Castle.

Intelligence reports say that we have only until June 30 to free our Monster. Else, we lose him forever.

In order to bring him back, we have devised ‘The Nintendo Dash’.  On June 6, two teams – Mario and Luigi will start to race across four worlds to reach the castle and free our beloved Monster.

Here is how the game is played:

  1. Your group will have to earn a certain number of coins to cross each world. The number of coins required to cross the first world
  2. To earn coins one must simply workout and / or watch their nutrition. Each workout you do will be eligible for a certain number of coins based on duration.
  3. You must update daily workout on the daily workout thread.
  4. If you are a newbie, Don’t worry, the veterans are always there to help you out!

Classic World Dash June 6 – 12:

Team Mario and Team Luigi – First up is the classic world of Super Mario Bros. With Turtles that slide when you step on them, to ducks that fall off without logic and mushrooms that make you bigger and stars that give you superhuman strength, this exciting world has many complexities .

In order to complete this world your team needs to collect 2000 coins between Jun 6th and June 12th.

How do I earn coins? – By working out and watching your nutrition of course!

Activity Sheet

So… here are your teams: (Everyone who clicked ‘going’ to the event)



A few extra requests for FB Chat Thread:

  • As in any public space, we request you to kindly refrain from making personal comments based on religion, politics, sex, body types etc. We celebrate diversity , all levels of fitness and different fitness goals. What may work for me, may not work for others. Please suggest, discuss and debate – Civilly of-course. We are all friends and absolutely do not judge.
  • Please feel free to ask and answer questions, exchange information. Anything other than fad diets are welcome 🙂
  • Have lots of fun! Remember the goal is to reach first but the objective is to play well.
  • Be kind to yourself.