Tips for a Stress Free Life

Tips for a Stress Free Life 

Stress is the most commonly heard word in modern times. It is single-handedly the reason for many associated illnesses including hypertension and early aging. With the advent of modern lifestyle with twelve hour job shifts, and long travels to and from the workplace, life has become a continuous affair full of stress.

Of late, even doctors have started advising habits and practices that are aimed at reducing stress. Before the illnesses grow in magnitude, timely intervention and mild changes in our routine will reduce stress and improve our health conditions. Here are some tips you can follow for a stress free life.

Have a regular sleep routine – this is to help the biological clock maintain a good routine and to give the body enough hours of rest.

Plan your day ahead – most often stress is a direct result things not going as per plan. It is better to plan the day in advance so there is no stress during the course of the day.

Avoid mobile usage in the night – many scientific studies have concluded that using mobile phones at night is one important reason for stress. The harmful radiation from the devices interfere with the body’s natural sleep cycle and create stress.

Practice safe driving – since most of the day involves commuting, there are additional factors that might cause stress during driving. It is best to practice safe driving and avoid road rage. There are many ways in which the time spent in traffic signals can be used productively.

Eat healthy – junk food has been directly linked with an increase in the hormones that cause stress. Eating the right kind of food can help lower stress levels.

Exercise daily – exercising is a must to reduce the stress levels. In addition to keeping the body fit, exercising helps in increasing the body’s health condition.

Life can be stress free if a few changes are made in the habits and lifestyle. Following these steps will reduce stress levels and have a stress free life.

 Deepan Anand


Deepan is a finance consultant hailing from  chennai . He is an avid reader and enjoys long walks. Deepan wrote this article as part of the March Challenge in Monster Fit Club. Monster CSI