So Teams – You have successfully earned 2000 coins each to complete The Classic World Dash. Congratulations!

Next up, The Underwater World Awaits… 7 days – 2000 coins to cross it.

There is one privilege in this challenge – Any water sports (Swimming, Aqua Aerobics, Synchronised Swimming etc) will earn 10 points extra.

For example 30 mins of swimming would normally earn 30 coins, however in the Underwater World, it 30 mins of swimming would earn 40 coins. 40 minutes of swimming world earn 50 coins (Which is the cap for swimming)

All other activities will earn the same points as mentioned in the table.

The Nintendo Dash was primarily intended to introduce people to each other. It was for Monsters pursuing various different goals, varied levels of fitness activities to come together as a team and contribute to success; To have a spirit of unity and push ourselves so the contribution of the team does not fail. It was for us to jointly choose discipline and accountability over complaining about goals not met.

We are doing a great job!

We need 2000 coins in 7 days – Let’s go Team Mario and Team Luigi. Good Luck!