Zombies are here! Go Go Go!

The zombies have broached the perimeter!You have GOT TO GET OUT!

Here is the route map:

Route to Derinkuyu


Your first assignment is to travel 900 miles to Derinkuyu, Turkey. Derinkyu is an ancient underground city. It is about 18 stories deep. In the past, it was used to shelter up to 20,000 people, livestock etc. You can certainly find some safety there. It has fresh flowing water and fresh air even at it’s deepest depth. Heavy stone doors weighing upto 500 kg can be rolled from inside to seal the opening. So your best bet is to get there as soon as possible.

So how can you get there? Here is the activity table. Post all workouts on the facebook event page here

MVZ Activity Sheet

Don’t just stand there… grab your team and go go go!

Group Assignments

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